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About me

Hey, who is this guy?

Hi everyone! My name is Joël Keßler and I really love to draw!
Since I graduated from Fachhochschule Mainz (University of applied sciences) in 2008,
I have been working as a freelance illustrator and designer.

Topics and Main focus

Doing illustration, I primarily concentrate on designing characters and animals. Furthermore my work includes the topics fiction, non-fiction, childrens book, concept art and advertising illustration.

Style and content

You can see, I have quite a big variety of illustration-techniques. These range from classical analogue techniques (like acrylics, ink and watercolours) to (sometimes fully) digital techniques. The visualization of the picture always refers to its subject and the related conditions.
Mood is an important piece of my work, and I try to deliver it the best way possible. Even I am able to illustrate with lots of details, I prefer it quick, dirty and rough.

Beyond my desk …

As an illustrator, you spend a lot of your work-time sitting, so I arrange my spare-time with lots of sports and movement. A big part of this I spend drumming for my band ZOMBIETOWN. Music is an important part of my life, since it gives me distraction and balance from work. But I also get a part of my inspiration for work out of music.
My taste in music depends on my mood and ranges from extreme-metal to classical music but it may also contain things like movie scores and art pop. But in every case it stays beyond mainstream music. In my opinion music should have a statement, should introduce worlds to me and tell a story. After all, illustration is about telling stories …


You can find my illustrations published in the following books

Curriculum vitae (excerpt)

Work experience

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